What Kind of Portrait Style or Flavor? So Many Choices. Perhaps as many choices as there are for shoes, hairstyles, emojis, and restaurants. Sometimes it’s enough to have a good basic shot of yourself. Other times you have have a specific reason or purpose to aim for a more precise style. Different uses might be for a corporate website, author’s bio, model headshot, press release, promotional ad, or dating site. Here’s a partial list to get you thinking: Casual, artistic, relaxed, formal, approachable, aloof, warm, brooding, serious, enthusiastic, and professional. Classy, elegant, mysterious, enigmatic, coy, effusive, energetic, moody, contemplative, effervescent, and serene. Pensive, alluring, jovial, confident, capable, dauntless, impenetrable, prescient, animated, wise, and worldly. Avant-garde, seasoned, upbeat, dressy, cheerful, aglow, excited, and bold. Secure, equanimity, intrepid, sanguine, poised, meditative, thoughtful, stoic, cool, and mellow. Composed, reserved, businesslike, tranquil, nonchalant, assured, decisive, loving, outgoing. Phew!