Studio headshot ………… $279.00
The essential single headshot arrangement, includes proofs, one selected shot from the session prepped and emailed as a digital file. No prints included.

Location headshot ………… $309.00 (local) ……….. ($339.00 beyond 30 min. travel)
Similar to above, location to be determined beforehand.

Additional poses, set ups, or arrangements, when requested and added at the same time to the above headshots, are $129.00 per extra concept.

Additional shots from the proof sheet, if desired either now or in the future, are $69.00 to prep, size, and process.

Multiple people, same session, in back to back shooting:

1 person, one pose each: …….. $279.00
2 people, one pose each: …….. $379.00
3 people, one pose each: …….. $459.00
4 people, one pose each: …….. $539.00
5 people, one pose each: …….. $619.00
6 people, one pose each: …….. $699.00

Includes proof sheet & 1 prepped shot of each person. Please inquire for multiple rate beyond 30 min. travel time.

Group photo (add to above amounts), when done same time as the individual headshots …….. $129.00
Group photo, when done apart from individual headshots …….. $329.00

Above prices are for digital files. Prints can be ordered separately, either from me or you can have them made yourself from the digital files, at a local or online lab of your choice. You are purchasing copyright permission to do so.

Payment can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, credit card, cash, or check.

CT State Sales Tax 6.35% added to all totals unless tax exempt, out of state, or for resale (DRS certificate required).


A concept, description, or a plan is used as a starting outline and creative guide. You can describe your ideas to me, or we can thrash them out together. Sample shots from other sources can be used as an inspiration for us, but not imitation. While keeping the plan in mind, we always leave open unexpected occurrences that can lead to good photos as well. A custom quote is provided beforehand. If acceptable, sign and return, the job can then be scheduled. For jobs over $800, a one-half deposit of the total is requested to secure final confirmation and scheduling.