Memorial Day 1971 in Beloit Wisconsin

I was a student at Beloit College at the time for four years. Took as many photography courses as were offered, other art related classes, two off campus terms in photography, and finished with a B.A. in Art. I photographed and edited the yearbook, with others, for several years. Shot photos for the school’s public relations office. And of course, took tons of photos on my own. Everywhere-college, town, travel, countryside, visits back home, and elsewhere. This was such a day. I knew there would be a Memorial Day parade in town, just a short walk away. I was probably immediately recognizable as a long haired & bearded-type college student. Looking more closely at these photos 53 years later than ever before, the vast majority of the people are OK with my taking their photographs. However, one fellow is clearly scowling at me, an elderly woman looks unsure, and the ROTC fellow is stoic and unmoved, as he should be.