It’s my job to make you look good. I give clients an exemplary portrait experience through better technique, good people skills, and a love of my craft. An experienced and understanding practitioner can make all the difference in achieving a successful outcome.


Studio headshot ………… $279.00
The essential single headshot arrangement includes proofs, one selected shot from the session, plus prepped and emailed final digital version.

Location headshot (local) …… $309.00
Beyond 30 min. travel time ……. $339.00

Similar to above, location to be determined beforehand.

Additional shots from the proof sheet, if desired either now or in the future, are $69.00 to prep, size, and process.
Additional poses, set ups, or arrangements, when requested and added at the same time to the above, are $129.00 per extra concept.

Multiple people, same session, in back to back shooting:

1 person, one pose each: …….. $279.00
2 people, one pose each: …….. $379.00
3 people, one pose each: …….. $459.00
4 people, one pose each: …….. $539.00
5 people, one pose each: …….. $619.00
6 people, one pose each: …….. $699.00

Includes proof sheet & 1 prepped shot of each person. Please inquire for multiple rate beyond 30 min. travel time.

Group photo (add to above amounts), when done same time as the individual shots …….. $129.00
Group photo, when done apart from individual shots …….. $329.00

Above prices include digital files. Prints can be ordered separately, either from me or you can contact a local or online lab of your choice.

See also ‘Custom Projects’ and ‘Retainers and Package Deals’ below.

CT State Sales Tax 6.35% added to all totals unless tax exempt, out of state, or resale.


The studio is set up before you arrive, or if location shooting, I arrive early to set up. Discuss what we aim to accomplish. Once you do a last minute check, we can get right to it. Shoot an initial batch. Review them together on the back of the camera. Keep the good ones, delete the not-so-good ones. Make tweaks to hair, outfit, or lighting if necessary. Shoot additional batches of shots & review until we’re both satisfied we have enough good shots from which to choose. Call it a wrap when we have enough. Typically takes 20 to 30 minutes of your time.


A concept, description, or a plan is used as a starting outline and creative guide. You can describe your ideas to me, or we can thrash them out together. While keeping the plan in mind, we always leave open unexpected occurrences that can lead to good photos as well. A custom quote is provided beforehand.


Lighting can make or break a photo; I use it to complement faces and emphasize expressiveness. Studio lighting, ambient light, outdoor lighting, mixed sources, gels, reflectors, and more, are all considered for their ability to create great shots.

Basic studio backgrounds and lighting emphasize the person and never upstage them. Locations have their own background or setting. Best to consult about the logistics of location shooting in advance.


There are many styles to consider: casual, distinguished, meditative, outgoing, pensive, chic, jovial, reserved, enigmatic, mellow, classy, artsy, demure, expressive, animated, cool, effervescent, elegant, heroic, nonchalant, outgoing, and more. Style can also be influenced by the personality and character of the person, as well as the purpose of the portrait.


Normal prep treatment includes removing stray hair, softening lines, taking out temporary blemishes, and so forth–included on one selected image in above prices.

Extensive or custom Photoshop work, such as significant moving and combining different picture elements–start at $85.00 and up. A quote is given promptly once further details and requirements are known. Custom projects are evaluated, quoted and agreed upon before accepting and scheduling them.


An emailed proof sheet is sent to you a day after the shoot. Once you select the shot you want to go with, the final prepped image is sent to you within 1 or 2 days. Includes six jpeg files of the selected photo in several sizes or resolutions, both color and B&W.

Additional images from the same session are always available to order, either at that time or in the future, at $69 prep charge per additional image.

All photos are annotated and archived for future access and retrieval. If you need your photos replaced, they’ll be resent to you up to two years at no charge.


Only prepped images, and proof sheets, are released and given out. Runners-up, secondary, unprepped, and subordinate images are not available as-is. All the shots taken are required in order to get the one best image. They are the ‘rough draft’ necessary for capturing the very best shot. The price paid for a headshot or portrait always includes the Photoshop prep work on one image of each set-up. Additional shots from the session are $69 each for the prep work, if desired.


For normal jobs the proof sheet is emailed one day later. Once you get back to me with your selected shot, 1 to 2 days to prep and send the final set of jpegs to you. When photographing a larger number of people an extra day may be required.

Got a specific deadline?–let me know and I’ll work with you to accommodate your need.


Where will the photo appear? Who will see it? How do you plan to use it? Knowing your intended use will help determine how we proceed, plan, and succeed in meeting that purpose.


Special arrangements can be made to accommodate custom client needs, such as ongoing projects, progressive assignments, collaborative ventures, and more. Consultations and proposals will precede such projects and guide their progress, ongoing maintenance, and measure their effectiveness.


If your company has guidelines, send them to me ahead of time and we’ll match your photo to them. If there are none, you may want to look at what your colleagues are doing and what’s appropriate for your profession and purpose.


Are you due for a visit to the hair salon before your portrait? Tell me if you have particular likes or dislikes from previous photos; they can help steer us in the right direction.


My primary recommendation is a salon/spa owner in town who comes to the studio and does outstanding makeup. Two main benefits: you don’t have to travel in the elements between makeup and shooting, and, she attends to you as you sit in front of the camera, lights, and background. Her information is here. Optionally, you’re welcome to bring your own makeup and hair person to do their work at the studio before the shoot.


When thinking about your outfit, consider how your photo will be used and how you want to be perceived. If you have a favorite outfit you think you look really good in, then wear it. If you think you look good, you will look good.

You’re welcome to bring 2-3 different tops for the essential headshot and we can decide once here which looks the best.


I grant to you generous copyright use: website, online, social media, publication, display, PR, marketing, and advertising. You do not need to return and pay for additional © uses. On request, I will promptly email to you a PDF copyright permission letter if you are requested to provide one to a printer, photo lab, magazine, or other publisher.