In the Terms and Conditions on this page, the word ‘Photographer’ is understood to describe Peter Billard Photographer.


A description of photography services included on either the Estimate or Invoice is based on the information provided by the client as well as determined by the Photographer. Uses may include for web site, social media, online, PR, advertising, marketing, and collateral materials. Estimate/Invoice includes shooting fee, proof sheets, and one prepped image of each person, or as otherwise described. Prints, if any, are a separate cost item. Additional shots or requests for the job are always welcome, however, changes to the description may add to the cost of the Estimate and final Invoice. All photos are labelled and archived. If prepped digital shots delivered to the client go missing for whatever reason, they can be resent via email or Dropbox at no cost by requesting them again for up to two years. Thereafter a retrieval fee may be charged.


Multiple non-exclusive usage rights are granted to Client for web site, social media, online, PR, advertising, marketing, collateral materials, and published articles for most normal jobs. Exceptions shall be noted, discussed, and provided in written form when necessary. Media usage rights, as defined on Estimate/Invoice, are granted conditionally upon receipt of full payment of price indicated thereon. Photographer will not permit photographs taken for assignments to be used by any third parties without written permission from the Client. Photographer agrees to withhold usage of all photographs by direct or indirect competitors of the Client without written permission from Client. All photographs are copyrighted by Peter Billard Photographer. Photographer reserves use of photos in aggregate form for portfolio, social media, or sample purposes. All rights are reserved except those specifically granted by the invoice. Photographer does not perform ‘Work Made For Hire’.


If provided, an Estimate is valid for six months from its date of issue. When a project includes providing an Estimate, please inspect the Estimate, sign if satisfactory, and indicate approval by returning Estimate to Photographer. For jobs over $800, a one-third deposit of the total is requested to secure final confirmation and scheduling. Payment of balance can be made by credit card, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, and other means at the completion of the shooting session or when the final photos are delivered.

Estimates are based on information supplied by the client and/or agent and reflect the effort required to shoot the assignment and value created to the client. Additional shooting is always welcome, changes to the shot list may incur changes in the final price.

Multiple people-subject prices are based on all people being photographed at the same time, in back-to-back sittings.


CT State Sales 6.35% tax added to all totals unless out of state, for resale, or tax exempt. Sales and Tax Resale Certificate must be provided if client is tax exempt or for resale. For non-profits, a federal Determination Letter of exemption under Section 50l(c)(3) or (13) of the Internal Revenue Code is requested.


Payment for photographic services can be made by credit card, check, cash, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or other agreed upon means at the conclusion of the shooting session, or when the final photos are delivered, as determined by the Photographer.


A custom price Estimate will be provided before shooting jobs of greater complexity, including but not limited to work/office setting, high value locations, special prop and gear requirements, high risk, special access permissions or permits, additional talent or service providers, weather dependencies, construction delays, specialized corporate guidelines, and other non-standard circumstances.

For this style of shooting, price is based on description of desired results, necessary prep work, type of setting, complexity of arrangements, and length of effort required. Photographer will strive to reach the best balance between cost and final results, by discussing concerns, obstacles and solutions beforehand to develop an effective plan of action. Whether simple or complex, Photographer requires explicit objectives from client to avoid otherwise mutually unproductive and unsatisfying wild goose chases.


Normal prep treatment includes removing stray hair, softening lines, taking out temporary blemishes, and so forth as required, plus size adjustment, file format changes (included on one selected image on page 1 of Estimate/Invoice).

Additional selections from the shoot receiving same prep as above: $69.00 per additional image

Custom Prep: a custom quote will be given promptly after receiving full details of a project requiring extensive or custom Photoshop work, such as multiple combinations of different picture elements, several image elements assembled into a final image, swapping faces, heads, and other features, major alterations, significant reconstruction, and so forth. Custom projects are evaluated, quoted, and agreed upon before accepting and scheduling them. Custom projects include a proof before final completion.


The Photographer is fully able to contribute creative concepts, methods, and solutions to the extent that it is appropriate to both the client and the job specifications. Photographer can also follow provided corporate guidelines and adhere to client’s requests as appropriate. The Client and Photographer relationship may be described as a spirit of mutual collaboration to achieve exemplary results.


Shoot with digital camera, preview images on camera during shooting session, delete undesirable shots, keep the best ones, repeat shooting additional batches if necessary, make proof sheets, email to client 1 to 2 days later, client makes final selection of desired shot(s), Photographer performs necessary touching up, color corrections & resolution sizing, final delivery by email and Dropbox. Turn around time: 2-3 days for less than 10 people, 4-5 days for more than 10. RUSH service: we can talk about the particulars and work it out.


Normal and reasonable delays can usually be accommodated, and rescheduling can be made by mutual agreement. Any force majeure event or effect that can be neither anticipated nor controlled by either party, including acts of nature such as pandemics, floods, and hurricanes, and acts of people such as riots, strikes, and wars, shall initiate a re-evaluation of the job’s circumstances if its performance becomes impossible or impracticable due to extraordinary events that could not have been foreseen.


More elaborate, involved or difficult to work with subjects, lighting or settings will require a custom estimate specific to those shots and will likely cost more. Such an estimate, signed by the client indicating acceptance, will precede scheduling of the assignment. For jobs over $800, a one-third advance will be requested prior to scheduling the job.

A clear understanding of the client’s needs and goals by both parties before the start of any shooting is necessary to assure a good outcome. The client must describe to some degree what they want to achieve. Even a partial description may be sufficient to get the project rolling.

Job related materials and digital image files are numbered, annotated, and archived in Photographer’s backup system to be readily available for future reorders and replace lost originals. Part of every fee covers this archiving effort.


If there are any, they shall be discussed and agreed upon before the start of shooting session.

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