What’s it cost?2020-03-17T16:03:43-04:00

Studio headshot ………… $265.00
The essential single headshot arrangement, includes proofs, one selected shot from the session, plus prepped and emailed final version.

Location headshot ………… $295.00
Similar to above, location to be determined beforehand.

Additional shots from the proof sheet, if desired either now or in the future, are $65.00 to prep, size, and process.

Additional poses, set ups, or arrangements, when requested and added at the same time to the above, are $125.00 per extra concept.

See more info on Pricing page.

CT State Sales Tax 6.35% added to all totals unless exempt, out of state, or resale.

How long does a shooting session take?2020-05-02T12:00:49-04:00

The essential studio headshot roughly takes between 15 and 30 minutes. I don’t rush you, nor do I dawdle, instead I keep things moving along. We shoot batches of shots, and review them on the back of the camera. We can continue to shoot additional batches and review them until we’re satisfied we have enough good shots from which to choose. Call it a wrap when we’ve done enough. More elaborate, custom, and multiple outfits/backgrounds/settings would extend the time spent. Creative exploration sessions might take longer as we follow our ideas. I can provide a time range estimate for such projects.

Can we chat together before deciding to go ahead?2020-05-02T12:05:05-04:00

Absolutely––good idea! If you have concerns, questions, or uncertainty, a talk together beforehand would be a good thing to do. I can help steer you through the process and determine if I’m a good fit for what you’d like to accomplish. If previous encounters with the camera disappointed you, let’s talk about what we can do to make this a good experience, not a repeat of before.

When do I receive proofs and photos?2020-03-17T16:06:49-04:00

The proof sheet(s) are emailed to you 1 day later. After you select the one you want to go with, send me ID number beneath that shot. I’ll do the prep work and send to you the final jpegs 1 or 2 days after I get your selection. If you have special rush circumstances, let me know, and I’ll accommodate them as best as I can.

What’s included? What do I get?2020-03-17T16:07:17-04:00

 the shooting session
• coaching, directing, and expert eye
 review shots on the back of the camera
• tweaking and adjustments as needed
 proof sheet(s) emailed to you 1 or 2 days later
 prep work on the one you select
 six jpeg files, different sizes or resolutions, both color and B&W
• images sent to you via email and/or placed in a Dropbox folder and link provided
• generous copyright usage granted
 all images labelled and archived
 prompt resending within 2 years (at no cost) of the prepped image files if they go missing

Do I get prints, digital files, or something else?2020-03-17T16:07:54-04:00

I shoot only digital and give you jpeg digital files. No prints are included in the packages. How many (or few) prints someone might want can’t be predicted, so it’s best to leave those out of the portrait packages. Prints can be ordered as a separate option. You can pay me to do it, or you’re welcome to use the digital files and make your own prints, at a local place or online, such as www.shutterfly.com

Do you do touch-up on my shot?2020-03-17T16:08:20-04:00

Yes, I do. Basic touch up includes softening lines, taking out stray hair, and removing any temporary blemishes. I also do other obvious visual distractions such as pet hair on shoulders, long button threads, shiny reflections, adjusting contrast, brightness, levels, and color balance as necessary.

Do I get to choose the shot I want?2020-03-17T17:22:39-04:00

Yes, absolutely! At the time of shooting, we review the shots on the back of the camera. The saved ones are made into a proof sheet and emailed to you. You can select the one you want to go with from that proof sheet. This enables you to take the time you need, show it to whomever you want, and more realistically see how it looks on a device screen.

Why is only one prepped shot included?2020-03-17T17:23:24-04:00

It keeps the cost reasonable to the basic portrait packages. More shots would require more time on the clock doing Photoshop prep work, which of course would add to the price. Most all clients need only one best image for their purposes, they don’t display runners up or second best. Additional shots from the session are always available, either now or in the future, they are $65 to prep, size, and process. When prearranged, additional shots can be included in the plan. See more: PRICES

Can I have more than one shot?2020-03-17T17:25:24-04:00

Yes, you can, at extra cost. The basic portrait fee includes one shot from the session prepped, sized, and sent to you as digital files. Including additional shots in the basic package would make the cost go up from its base price. Additional shots from the shoot are always available, either now or in the future, for $65 prep fee per shot. No photos are released right as they come from the camera. Every portrait needs prep work. Most clients need just one very best shot of themself, not a bunch of runners up or second best.

Can I pay you when we’re done?2020-05-02T12:03:01-04:00

Yes, you can. PayPal, credit card, cash, and check are accepted. There will be 6.35% CT State Sales tax as well. An invoice will be emailed to you for your records along with the proofs.

My company has portrait guidelines to follow––can you accommodate them?2020-05-02T11:45:32-04:00

Yes, I can. Send them to me via email or text beforehand so I can review them and make sure they make sense. If there’s a particular background or color required by those guidelines, there may be a cost and/or delay involved. But if that’s the case, we will have already covered it in or initial conversation.

What about copyrights and usage, both now and for later?2020-05-02T11:42:42-04:00

I grant you broad copyright usage. You don’t have to come back to me for nickel-and-dime requests to use the photos for another purpose. From the Estimate/Invoice language: “RIGHTS GRANTED: Multiple non-exclusive usage rights are granted to Client for web site, social media, online, PR, advertising, marketing, collateral materials, and published articles. Media usage rights, as defined herein, are granted conditionally upon receipt of full payment of price indicated herein. Photographer will not permit photographs taken for this assignment to be used by any third parties without written permission from Client. Photographer agrees to withhold usage of all photographs by direct or indirect competitors of the Client without written permission from Client. All photographs are copyrighted by Peter Billard Photographer. Photographer reserves use of photos in aggregate form for portfolio or sample purposes. All rights are reserved except those specifically granted by the invoice. This is not ‘Work Made For Hire’.”

Do I own all the images?2020-01-04T15:31:07-05:00

No. You don’t physical own all the images. They exist as intellectual property with several possible tangible forms. You are paying for a service plus the usage rights of the image(s) granted to you created in the performance of that service. As the client, you receive prepped digital images which you can use in myriad ways. Every photograph I deliver to a client as a final image must receive necessary prep work. It protects my professional reputation by only allowing optimized photos to be released. I do not give out second best, runners up, or poor looking images as that would damage my professional standing.To literally ‘own’ everything is called a ‘buy-out’ and costs $4,500 and up.

Lo-res and high-res: what do they mean and how do they work?2020-05-02T11:51:46-04:00

They generally refer to several things: 1. an arbitrary description of high quality and sharpness or lower quality and less detail in the image; 2. overall file size as well as width x height pixel dimensions; 3. a rough designation of the photo’s purpose, hi-res for large prints, large display size, or publication purposes, and lo-res for social media, emailing, thumbnails, profile shots, and proofing purposes.

What should I wear?2020-01-04T15:30:40-05:00

Three thoughts: 1. You know your wardrobe best. If you have a favorite outfit that you think you look really good in, wear it, and you will look good; 2. How are you going to use the photo, where will it appear, and who will see it? Use those as your guide; 3. Do you have any corporate or professional guidelines to follow?; 4. It rarely hurts to dress up a notch or two; 5. Bring more than one outfit or top to the shoot and we can figure out which will look best here at the studio.

Is there any particular style I should follow?2020-01-04T15:30:21-05:00

Several thoughts–do you have corporate or professional guidelines to follow? If not, ask yourself what outfit type would be appropriate to the way you intend to use the photo. If you have a favorite outfit you think you look really sharp in, then wear that. Bring more than one top or outfit to the studio and together we can decide what will look best.

I wear glasses just some of the time––what should I do for the portrait?2020-05-02T11:53:26-04:00

One way to look at the question is ask yourself how do people most often see you–with the glasses or without? If you use them for close up work or for driving, but not so much in the company of people, then consider not wearing them for the photo. Having said that, I usually suggest we do some shots with glasses and some without. When looking at both versions on the back of the camera, a clear preference often reveals itself. You can also decide later when you get the proofs which you prefer.

Can I get makeup done at the studio?2020-01-04T15:29:56-05:00

Yes, and that’s a very good idea. I recommend Jacquelyn Orfei-Pagel, a very accomplished makeup professional. You can make arrangements with her beforehand to do the makeup at the studio prior to shooting. Contact Jacquelyn Orfei-Pagel, Sensations Day Spa, mobile:(860) 306-1068, http://www.sensationsdayspa.biz

I don’t know if I should do a portrait in the studio or outside somewhere2020-05-02T11:58:55-04:00

Do you have a personal preference? Are you using the photo for a specific purpose? Who will be seeing the portrait of you? Answers to those questions can help determine whether to shoot in the studio or elsewhere.

Can you hide a scar or temporary blemish?2020-01-04T15:29:35-05:00

Yes, Photoshop works very well for that. We can talk about what to fix and what to leave alone. Also works to reduce lines, wrinkles, shadows, slenderize, and more.

I blink a lot––is that going to be a problem?2020-01-04T15:29:23-05:00

I don’t think so. Involuntary blinking in response to the studio flash is often a split second after the shutter has already opened and closed. You may feel like you’re blinking with every shot, but as I watch the display on the back of the camera I can see everything’s OK. Catching some blinks is inevitable, but doesn’t ruin the shooting session. The beauty of the digital camera is we can look at the shots on the back of the camera and make sure we have plenty of shots with your eyes open.

One of my eyes looks smaller than the other––what can you do?2020-01-04T15:28:40-05:00

There is some degree of size equalization of the eyes possible with Photoshop, but each individual person is different. And there are limits to what it can do. For many of us, our eyes squint a bit more when we smile, it’s an involuntary reflex. In Photoshop I have successfully swapped someone’s own more-open-eyes from an adjacent shot and combined them with the overall shot that looks best but has the squinty eyes. When done carefully, it’s undetectable. When I propose doing this for a client, I provide a side-by-side comparison proof for you to see and approve before going ahead with such a plan.

My nose or smile always looks crooked––can you fix it?2020-01-04T15:28:20-05:00

Within reason, yes. Small changes work very well. Drastic alterations might look distorted or fake. Too much of a change might misrepresent you, especially if people see your portrait first, then meet you in person. I can supply you with a side-by-side comparison of what the camera got and the proposed Photoshop alteration, then you can decide for yourself which you prefer.

I hate having my picture taken––what can you do?2020-01-04T15:27:14-05:00

I’ve found many times this stems from a poor experience with a photographer short on people skills. I stress to you that my camera and I are your advocates, not adversaries. I truly enjoy photographing people, always have, and always will. I coach, encourage, support, and work my utmost to make you comfortable with the picture taking process. I engage you as we do so, and encourage you to verbalize what you see and think as we look at the shots on the back of the camera. I don’t settle for second rate results.

Can I bring someone else with me to the shoot?2020-01-04T15:27:02-05:00

Yes, you can. Bring a chaperone, confidant, best friend, family member, or partner. They can be your cheerleader and also be a second pair of eyes on what looks good of you. Animals, too, are welcome, if they’re trained and obedient to your command.

I don’t like the way the camera makes me look––what can you do?2020-05-02T11:55:53-04:00

Showing less of the body and shoulders can help get good results. Moving in closer for a headshot, too. Take more shots with animated expressions and edited ruthlessly on the back of the camera. See what looks best, then do more like those. Angle, positioning, and lighting can also help. Standing with good posture, not sitting, can work. For slenderizing the neck and chin, a useful technique is face the camera and slightly project just your head towards the lens. Resembles a turtle sticking her or his head out of its shell. After the shoot, Photoshop can do slimming as well.

I’ve put on weight––what can you do to make me look thinner?2020-01-04T15:26:32-05:00

There are several things we can do at the time of the shooting. A closer view as in a headshot and showing less of the body can work. Lighting and positioning the angle at which you face the camera often helps. Selective and moderate slenderizing afterwards in Photoshop is also an option that works well.

What if I don’t like any of the pictures?2019-12-11T12:18:15-05:00

It’s my purpose to shoot photographs that satisfy you. As we shoot, we take breaks to look at the images on the back of the camera to determine that we’re on the right track. We can make tweaks and changes in between batches of shots. If necessary, I’ll ask you to identify and describe in exact words what you like or don’t like. Before ending the shooting session, I elicit your approval of the images. If it is a photographic issue, I will do my utmost best to understand your concern and satisfy you. If it’s a non-photographic problem, then it may require a non-photographic remedy, for which I’m not trained. Upon having your assurance at the shooting session everything’s in order and to your satisfaction, anything to the contrary days or weeks later will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Can you make me look younger?2020-01-04T15:27:49-05:00

In a sense, yes, it’s possible. Using Photoshop to slim face shape, reduce lines, darken hair, and other changes, when done in moderation can create the illusion of a younger self. If overdone it may create a shock to someone who first sees your ‘younger’ photograph, then meets the real you in person. I suggest use it sparingly.