Good news––Global Warming doesn’t prevent you from getting a new portrait. It seems destined to affect other aspects of our lives and jobs, but it does not need to interfere with getting a good looking photo for your website, social media, profile, and more. Cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment are working as fine as always. It’s comforting to know once we start shooting, everything’s going to work out smoothly and yield top results. While experts, scientists, and policy makers struggle with reversing the steady creep of global warming, my skills and facilities are available to you for the expressed purpose of getting a good new professional headshot before things get too hot. In fact, some clients may want a hot looking photo of themselves to use for promoting their practice or profession. If you prefer a cool look, I can do that as well. So if you’re cool with it, give me a ring and let’s get it moving. Whichever way we do it, no sweat!