The right style depends on you, the person, since it’s going to be your portrait. Several thoughts: 1. is it for personal, business, or some other use? 2. your personal likes and preferences are important things to consider. 3. do you have any likes and dislikes about previous your portraits? 4. have you seen a portrait style somewhere else that you admire could be used as an inspiration? 5. if it’s for work, do you have corporate or professional guidelines to follow? 6. there are many styles and flavors to consider: casual, distinguished, meditative, outgoing, pensive, chic, jovial, reserved, enigmatic, mellow, classy, artsy, demure, expressive, animated, cool, effervescent, elegant, heroic, nonchalant, outgoing, and more. Style can also be influenced by your personality and character, as well as the purpose of the portrait.