Modern Myths of Photography #2

Modern Myths of Photography #2 – "The last photographer made me look weird!" Peter says: 'Yes, that's quite possible, but NOT TRUE with me as your photographer!' I'm your advocate, not your adversary. It's in my interest to make you look your best. When you look good, then I look good. My camera and I

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Modern Myths of Photography #1

Modern Myths of Photography #1 – "I'll break the camera!" Peter says: 'NOT TRUE!' Special protective gear is worn by the photographer and custom filter shields are used for the camera and lighting gear. Cameras nowadays are vastly improved for ruggedness and durability compared to the old days when people did actually break the camera.

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Peter’s Professional Portrait Photo Tip

Peter's Professional Portrait Photo Tip: as part of your planning before shooting a new photo, make sure your hair is the way you like it. Several approaches: a new style or cut at the hair salon is a bigger undertaking. An optional approach is use your existing style and have a hair professional come to

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