Selfie Tip – Face Distortion

By |July 15, 2021|

Selfie Tip - Face Distortion Hey! I'm a proponent of selfies. I do them myself, as well as more normal self-portraits, and many headshots of others. They're here to stay. They're ubiquitous. Some results come out better than others. Be aware that using a phone

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Portrait?

By |August 21, 2019|

The portrait you’ve been using may be out of date and you may not realize it. Styles change. We all age. Unfortunately, other people can probably tell, and that can affect your business and reputation. Stay current with today’s styles and stay up to date

We Don’t Like Boring Photography

By |August 20, 2019|

Boring movies, boring food, boring books, boring people, and boring portraits––it’s our duty to refrain from adding to those categories and making them grow even more. There’s way too much of it out there already. Instead, stay intellectually sharp and alert. Create new concepts

Global Warming is Here!

By |December 4, 2018|

Good news––Global Warming doesn't prevent you from getting a new portrait. It seems destined to affect other aspects of our lives and jobs, but it does not need to interfere with getting a good looking photo for your website, social media, profile, and more. Cameras,

How Was Your Last Portrait?

By |September 24, 2018|

If you were uncomfortable during your last professional portrait, consider this: It probably wasn't your fault. Part of the job as a professional photographer is to create a comfortable environment. A photographer who photographs portraits must be a good people-person. It's a given requirement. They

Planning a New Portrait

By |September 13, 2018|

When planning a new portrait, only think in terms of positive outcomes, not negative. Photographer and subject must both have a positive frame of mind going into and during the process. Getting a good looking professional photo should not be thought of as a 50/50

Does Your Portrait Measure Up?

By |August 27, 2018|

Not all portraits are created equal, true of many other things as well: cars, restaurants, Hollywood movies, novels, bands, home contractors, and more. But if you do your online research beforehand by looking at what's out there among professional portrait photographers, you'll have better success

Does Your Portrait Push the Envelope?

By |August 15, 2018|

Hah!––Phrases can be cliches. Portraits, too. So many interesting, creative, and enjoyable possibilities to be considered. Look at what's out there in the way of exemplary portraits and it's overwhelming. Sometimes it's nice to stand out. Other times it's nice to fit in. Whichever is

Don’t Just Fade Away

By |August 6, 2018|

Don't just fade away...make your mark on the world. Help others. Expand human knowledge. Explore and discover. Give back more than you take. Follow your curiosity. Learn and grow. Show yourself to the world. Create something that lasts. Take a different path. Enjoy life and

Modern Myths of Photography #2

By |September 6, 2017|

Modern Myths of Photography #2 – "The last photographer made me look weird!" Peter says: 'Yes, that's quite possible, but NOT TRUE with me as your photographer!' I'm your advocate, not your adversary. It's in my interest to make you look your best. When you

Modern Myths of Photography #1

By |August 25, 2017|

Modern Myths of Photography #1 – "I'll break the camera!" Peter says: 'NOT TRUE!' Special protective gear is worn by the photographer and custom filter shields are used for the camera and lighting gear. Cameras nowadays are vastly improved for ruggedness and durability compared to

Peter’s Professional Portrait Photo Tip

By |July 18, 2017|

Peter's Professional Portrait Photo Tip: as part of your planning before shooting a new photo, make sure your hair is the way you like it. Several approaches: a new style or cut at the hair salon is a bigger undertaking. An optional approach is use

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