Biggest Umbrellas I've Ever Seen

So I bought two new umbrellas recently. The one here is white, the other is a silver interior. They're described as 7 foot size. Which means in real life the actual diameter across the front is a couple inches less than six feet. The seven foot figure comes from measuring across the curvature of the back of the umbrella! Sort of like a 2x4 piece of lumber, I guess.

My test today was to get an idea how it'll work for a single-person portrait. In one way it's overkill, but if the result is worth it, then it's OK. I can already tell I wouldn't use it indoors with low ceilings. In such a situation the umbrella would be so low it would illuminate the person's nostrils.


The umbrella must go on its own stand, the flash head on its own as well. I made a special bracket to support the uneven weight of the umbrella without causing distress to its shaft.


The umbrella is a fraction of an inch outside the viewfinder and about 8 - 9 inches above the height of my nose. Makes a large catch light in the eyes. I think it works pretty well. I like the results. Have yet to test the silver one and see how it compares to this one.

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